What’s New in FeedDemon 3.0 – Release Notes

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 24, 2009

Changes in FeedDemon 3.0

  • Added: Google Reader synchronization
  • Added: Redesigned "Subscriptions Home" page with popular videos and articles extracted from your feeds
  • Added: Items can now be tagged
  • Added: "Quick Tag" menu added next to tag icon in newspaper – enables quickly adding/removing a tag
  • Added: "Share" icon added to newspaper which adds the item to your Google Reader shared items
  • Added: Ability to view all unread or flagged items at once
  • Added: Hovering over a short URL (TinyURL.com, etc.) now shows the full URL in a balloon tip so you know where the URL redirects (great when browsing Twitter). For a list of supported URL shortening services, see the file ShortUrl.xml in FeedDemon’s \Datasubfolder.
  • Added: Automatic hyperlinking of URLs, @replies, #hashtags and author names in Twitter feeds. Profile pictures will also be displayed when subscribing to the Atom version of a Twitter feed if the feed is in a folder that isn’t synchronized.
  • Added: "Reply" link in newspaper when viewing a post from a Twitter feed
  • Added: Redesigned tool button icons
  • Added: "Icons" button added to Options|Reading which enables choosing which icons should appear beneath each item in the newspaper (due to this addition, several of the default icons from previous versions are now hidden by default)
  • Added: Close button added to individual browser tabs
  • Added: Significant performance improvements in "Popular Topics," "Search Subscriptions," newspaper display and many other areas
  • Added: Significantly reduced memory consumption
  • Added: "Export Newspaper" added to File menu – exports all posts from all pages in the active newspaper to an external HTML document
  • Added: "Surfer" newspaper style now remembers whether thumbnails have been collapsed
  • Added: "Enable page transitions" has been added to Options|Appearance, which defaults to being enabled
  • Added: FeedDemon attempts to detect when script debugging is enabled in Internet Explorer and asks whether to turn it off (script debugging causes error dialogs to popup while browsing inside any application that embeds IE)
  • Added: Fixed header in reports/newspapers
  • Added: "Browser Home" added to tabbed browser context menu
  • Added: Hourglass icon now appears on browser tabs that are still loading
  • Added: Main menu can be toggled by right-clicking any toolbar and selecting "Show main menu"
  • Added: Theme selection added to Appearance page in Options (this replaces the "UI Style" option from previous versions)
  • Added: Newspaper now displays "new items received" message when new items are downloaded in the feed or folder showing in the newspaper
  • Added: "Export Top Feeds" added to File menu
  • Added: "Panic Button" now enables marking everything more than 12 hours old as read
  • Added: "Attention Report" now enables exporting top feeds as OPML
  • Added: Cleanup Wizard and Panic Button can now be limited to specific folders
  • Added: Feed and folder properties now enable specifying how many days to keep items
  • Added: When you switch to a language file other than the default, FeedDemon validates it to make sure it doesn’t have any missing entries or arguments. If any problems are found, a dialog will alert that the language file contains errors and recommend that it not be used. Details on the errors are also shown in this dialog, which should help translators debug their work.
  • Added: Support for GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and truecolor ICO favicons
  • Added: Attention report now enables resetting attention rank for all feeds
  • Added: Progress bar added while synching/updating
  • Added: "Ignore new items older than" added to folder properties
  • Added: Bing search definition
  • Added: Visual enhancements in subscription tree when using Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Added: "Express Setup" added to install – quickly installs FeedDemon using default location and program group
  • Added: "E" single-key newspaper shortcut to email active item
  • Added: Option to automatically start FeedDemon when Windows starts
  • Added: Enclosure icon added to feed preview
  • Added: Author names, re tweets and hyperlinks in Twitter status posts are now included in FeedDemon’s prefetch
  • Removed: NewsGator synchronization is no longer available (here’s why)
  • Removed: "Feed History" report has been removed
  • Changed: Feed content is now stored in a SQLite database instead of in individual XML files
  • Changed: System requirements now state that IE7 rather than IE6 is required
  • Changed: "Always switch to new tabs" setting replaced with "Open new browser tabs" setting which enables choosing between always opening new tabs in the foreground, always opening new tabs in the background, and open new tabs in the background when CTRL is down
  • Changed: "Flags" have been renamed "Stars" for consistency with Google Reader
  • Changed: Browser toolbar simplified by hiding several toolbuttons (note: if there’s a button you want back, just click the "Customize" arrow at the far right of the toolbar)
  • Changed: "Favorites" is now on the main menu instead of the toolbar above the browser
  • Changed: Auto-discovered feed icon is now part of the address bar
  • Changed: Check for new version and "what’s new" are now integrated into the subscription home report
  • Changed: Panic Button results now shown in "timed" dialog which automatically disappears after 60 seconds
  • Changed: Surfer newspaper now shows friendlier message when no items match the current filter
  • Changed: Simplified Options dialog by removing outdated settings
  • Changed: New browser tabs are now opened adjacent to the active tab instead of after the last tab (similar to IE7 and Chrome)
  • Changed: Language files ("FDLANGs") are now installed under the user’s local application data folder (previous versions stored FDLANGs in a subfolder of \Program Files\FeedDemon, which caused Vista’s folder virtualization to kick in when a non-admin user attempted to download an FDLANG)
  • Changed: Inline search bar flashes briefly when displayed to draw attention to it (some customers expected Ctrl+F to show IE’s "Find" dialog and didn’t notice inline search bar)
  • Changed: Email icon now shown in newspaper by default
  • Changed: Simplified Cleanup Wizard (now a simple dialog instead of a wizard)
  • Changed: "Feeds with HTTP Errors" report renamed "Feeds with Errors"
  • Changed: FeedDemon’s install is almost 30% smaller than before
  • Changed: The default # of items per newspaper page is now 25 instead of 10
  • Changed: Search results now use "surfer" style
  • Changed: Setup now defaults to installing under the local appdata folder when run by non-admin user (since "Program Files" requires admin rights on Vista/Win7).
  • Changed: Feed updating is now paused while performing an action that may modify your feeds (unsubscribing, changing options, performing cleanup, etc.)
  • Changed: Error reporting now includes an "exit application" checkbox

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