FeedDemon 4.0 Goes Freemium

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 20, 2012

FeedDemon 4.0, the most popular RSS Reader for Windows, offers significant performance enhancements and the newspaper layouts have been completely revamped thus vastly improving the reading experience. FeedDemon 4.0 also includes a brand new sidebar where you get a river view of all unread items coming from your social subscriptions like Twitter and Facebook.

From Adware to Freemium

FeedDemon previously followed an “adware” model – everyone had access to all the features of the software and one could pay $9.95 to to do away with the advertisements.

FeedDemon 4.0 however takes the freemium approach and is available in two editions – FeedDemon Lite which is a free and ad-supported version but with a reduced feature set while FeedDemon Pro has all the goodies and no ads.

FeedDemon Pro vs FeedDemon Lite

Both editions will sync with Google Reader but with FeedDemon Pro, you have the prefetch option that will download the images / web pages linked to the feed items and thus you may read them offline in their full glory.

The Pro edition also lets you subscribe to private feeds (secure feeds protected by a password), something which you cannot do even inside Google Reader. This page has more details on the differences between FeedDemon Lite and FeedDemon Pro.

The Pro license for FeedDemon 4.0 is available for $19.95 but if you already have a serial number for a previous version, the upgrade will cost you $9.95. Or if you don’t mind working with a reduced feature-set, FeedDemon is still free for you as before.

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