Sync your Computers and FTP Server with GoodSync

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 19, 2012

GoodSync is an easy-to-use Windows utility to help you keep files and folders, spread across different places, in sync with each other.

The software may be used to sync files between multiple computers, removable drives, USB sticks and even remote FTP sites.

GoodSync offers two modes – backup and synchronization. The backup mode will only copy changed files from source folder to the destination but in case of synchronization, the folder contents at either sides always stay the same including deletions.


GoodSync has a useful timer option so you can configure the program to automatically download (or even upload) certain important folders from the FTP server to your local hard-drive after, say,  every 12 hours.

And as in the screenshot below, the software can be configured to auto-start at any time of the day / week via the Task Scheduler in Windows. This is handy if you do not like to run backup or sync jobs ever day.

GoodSync is a commercial software and costs around $30 but we got five free licenses of GoodSync¬† Pro to giveaway –¬† just put a comment below and you may be one of the lucky five who’ll get a free copy of GoodSync Pro.

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