A Desktop Based RSS Reader For Your Google Reader Feeds

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 23, 2008

google reader desktopRSS Bandit is a free desktop based feed reader for Windows that may find appeal among Google Reader users.

That’s because you can use RSS Bandit as a desktop client for reading Google Reader feeds outside the web browser even in offline mode.

RSS Bandit will automatically synchronize the status of your feed items with Google Reader the next time you update your feed or go online. Thus the stories you’ve read in RSS Bandit will show the same status in Google Reader as well.


While die-hard FeedDemon fans are unlikely to make a switch, RSS Bandit does offer some unique features like an Outlook style tri-pane interface, an integrated newsgroups reader and a ‘Download Manager’ for fetching feed enclosures.

Overall, this application is still in an early alpha stage (and there are bugs) but it still solves an interesting problem – that of reading Google Reader feeds in an airplane where you have no Internet connection.

RSS Bandit is open-source and developed by Dare Obasanjo.

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