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microsoft office studentIf you cannot afford to buy a full copy of Office 2007 Professional or just want to use the software for a limited period, it’s better to rent it from Microsoft.

Microsoft today launched Office 2007 Prepaid edition in India where you have pay only for the time you actually use Office. This Prepaid version comes to India after making a successful debut in South Africa.

The monthly rent of Office 2007 Prepaid edition in India is around INR 250 or ~$6. You will have to pay minimum rent for six months and can then renew your Office 2007 subscription for another three months.

To use 2007 Microsoft Office Prepaid Edition, you’ll need an Internet connection (for activation online) and a 25-character Office product key which is printed in the Office Prepaid Starter Kit.

If your subscription does expire, your copy of Office 2007 Professional will go into reduced functionality mode - you can read and print Office documents but cannot create or edit files unless you renew the Prepaid subscription.

Alternatively, you can download Office 2007 Trial which works just like the retail edition for 60 days. Thanks Mary.

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Published in: Microsoft Office

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