Windows Live Writer: Add Screenshot Images to Blogs Real Quickly

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 20, 2008

If you publish blogs using Windows Live Writer, here’s something extremely useful – you can now insert screen captures in your blog posts directly from Windows Live Writer and that too in a single click.

screen capture windows live writer

Let’s look at the current workflow: you capture a region of the desktop using some screen capture tool, save the screenshot image to some folder on your hard drive, then open Windows Live Writer and insert the image. Right ?

Here’s the new workflow – open Windows Live Writer, press the Screen Capture link, select a region of the desktop and done. That saves 50% of your time.

To turn Windows Live Writer into a screen capture tool, download this file (22kb, ScreenCapture.dll) and copy it to the following location:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins directory.

Open Windows Live Writer and you will see an "Insert Screen Capture" link in the sidebar. This screen capture add-on for Live Writer is courtesy Joe Cheng at Microsoft.

And if you like to insert screenshot of a desktop Window in your blog post, you don’t even require this plugin. Just bring the window to the foreground, press Alt + Print Screen, switch to Windows Live Writer and paste (Ctrl+V).

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