Windows Live Writer 2008 Final Version Is Available

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 10, 2007

windows live writerMicrosoft has released a new Windows Live unified installer that will update your Windows Live Writer 2008 to a non-beta version. [related: New features in WLW 2008]

The final version of Windows Live Writer 2008 supports 64bit Vista. And the whitespaces will no longer be substituted with  . Some addition bug fixes in Windows Live Writer 2008 include:

1. Blogger image uploading fixed for externally hosted blogs. Due to a… quirk… in Picasaweb, images would appear broken in Blogger blogs that weren’t on

2. <pre> handling in XHTML mode is fixed. Beta 3 would collapse whitespace in all tags, including <pre>, in XHTML mode. It took some ugly hacks, but it should work correctly now.

The download link for new Windows Live Installer is available here. [exe 2.4 MB]. This should also fix the installation issues related to the previous WLInstaller.exe program.

If you have trouble installing the new Windows Live programs, Microsoft recommends deleting old Windows Live installations using the uninstaller available here. Thanks SL.

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