Download StandOut for Creating Impressive Presentations

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 12, 2007
download standout

StandOut is a new presentation software that lets you add motion graphics and creative storytelling techniques to a slideshow.

You can download StandOut Designer Edition from for free. This presentation tool from the developers of Swift 3D is in public beta and can be used for creating online presentations.

StandOut Serial Number : SODW100-44554-29986-50693

The software comes in two editions:

StandOut Designer Edition is targeted at design firms, ad agencies and in-house design departments that currently build Flash or Director presentations, or provide other design services for their clients and sales teams.

StandOut Presenter Edition is targeted at sales and marketing professionals who want to differentiate themselves from their competitors who use slideshow software to deliver presentations.

StandOut runs on Windows Vista or XP. Reminds one of PowerPoint Ovation from Adobe / Serious Magic.

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