Screensavers for Mac OS X Leopard

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 15, 2011

For Apple fanboys, you will find the following screensavers in Mac OS X Leopard. The Earth Clock Screensaver, Spooked and Filigree Screensavers for Mac OS are available for download on Apple site.

Clock Overlay on any Screen Saver – Keep track of the time on any screen saver by overlaying a digital clock. Just select the “Show with clock” option in the Desktop & Screen Saver pane of System Preferences.

Collage for Picture Screen Savers – Make an amazing screen saver collage. Choose any picture screen saver or one of your iPhoto albums, and watch as the images gently fall on your desktop, one at a time, to form a stunning collage. Related: Download Google Screensaver

Arabesque Screen Saver – Fill your screen with a multicolored, never-ending work of Arabesque art with the new Arabesque screen saver.

Shell Screen Saver – Enjoy the display of colorful shell patterns with the Shell screen saver.

Word of the Day Screen Saver – Expand your vocabulary with the Word of the Day screen saver. Each day the screen saver will offer up five new words for you to learn.

Mosaic Display for Picture Screen Savers – Create a screen saver mosaic. Choose any picture screen saver or one of your iPhoto albums and Leopard will turn it into a beautiful mosaic on the fly.

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