Note Taking cum Screen Capture Application EverNote Is Free Today

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 15, 2007

EverNote, which probably is the best note taking software after Microsoft OneNote, is available for free if you download it within 24 hours.

Think of EverNote as a desktop version of Google Notebook or Zoho Notebook but with tons of extra feature.

EverNote has an inbuilt OCR so you can search for text inside images or you can take snapshots of magazines and newspaper clippings with your mobile phone and EverNote will convert that text to digital format.

The new version of EverNote 2.2 is compatible with Google Desktop Search meaning you can use GDS to search through your text notes and web clippings.

The full licensed version of EverNote 2.2 costs $50 but you can have it for free from the GOTD website here.

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EverNote provides Clippers (or add-ins) for IE, Firefox, Outlook and the desktop – they can do screen captures of web pages, email messages or desktop windows and send them to EverNote notebook directly.

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