Windows Vista Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photo Gallery

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 23, 2015

flickr-windows-photo-galleryIf you are on Windows Vista, it is recommended that you upgrade the inbuilt Windows Photo Gallery program to Windows Live Photo Gallery for a two reasons – Flickr and video.

Windows Photo Gallery is part of the default Windows Vista installation while Windows Live Photo Gallery has to be installed separately via Windows Live.

Both the programs are clones of each other but the latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery is more useful since it lets you upload pictures to Flickr and videos to MSN soapbox, a YouTube like website owned by Microsoft.

Windows Live Photo Gallery can also rotate videos and it can play iPod (MP4, MOV) files provided you have Quicktime installed.

window-vista-photoBut it’s all very confusing for Vista users – you have two software titles on the machine that aren’t just similar in features but in their names as well.

What will help is an update that makes it easy to completely uninstall Windows Photo Gallery.

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