Firefox 4 Final is Here!

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 21, 2011
firefox 4

The RC has been around for sometime now and Mozilla is expected to launch the final version of Firefox 4 sometime tomorrow. However, if you are getting a bit impatient and can’t wait any longer to download your favorite web browser, here’s something for you.

The installers for Firefox 4 final are now available for download on Mozilla’s FTP servers that you may directly access using the following links:

If some of your favorite extensions are not compatible with the new Firefox 4, here’s a short guide on how to make them work with Firefox 4.

Also, the above download links point to the English (US) version of Firefox 4 but if you would like to download the installer for another language, simply change the en-US to your language code (like hi-IN for Hindi and so on).

What’ new in Firefox 4

Johnathan Nightingale of Mozilla gives a quick overview of what’s new in Firefox 4.

Thanks Paul Thurrott for the tip.

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