Cropper Screen Capture Lets You Control Output Image Quality

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 11, 2012

Cropper for Windows is a simple yet versatile camera for the desktop screen that is unique in two ways – you have full control over the quality of image captures and second, there’s built-in support for email templates and Amazon S3.

cropper window

When you activate Cropper, it brings up a nice semi-transparent window that floats on your screen. You can resize / move the capture window using the mouse or arrow keys and click to complete the capture.

email-template Like most other freeware screenshot programs, Cropper also supports JPG & PNG but you also have full control over image quality so you can effectively control the output size of screen grabs. (Also read: How to choose the right image format)

There’s a countdown mode for delayed captures. Cropper also includes support for email templates so you image meta data is automatically added to the message body.

And if Amazon S3 storage for storing screenshot images, Cropper can automatically upload the image to your S3 account and copies the URL of that image on to your clipboard for easy pasting in an email or a web page.

Cropper | Cropper Plug-ins | Also see: Bug Shooting

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