Carbonite for Online Backup

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 12, 2010

Carbonite launched its “set and forget” online backup service in May 2006. It offers unlimited storage space for your file backups and is available for both Mac and Windows PCs.

Carbonite Program

A: Carbonite installs a small software program on your computer that works in the background looking for new and changed files to back up.

Set Backup Schedule

B: The default settings for Carbonite keep your backup up-to-date on a nearly continuous basis after your initial backup is complete. However, you can choose to set Carbonite to back up at set times.

Explore Backup

C: Restoring damaged or lost files with Carbonite is quick and easy. If you accidentally delete or otherwise lose some of your files, just open your Windows Explorer to get them back. If your computer crashes or gets stolen, you can easily restore all your files to another computer.

Remote Access

D: With Remote File Access you can only restore individual files from your backup, not folders. The feature is not intended to be a complete restore option but a way for you to quickly access those urgent files from any other computer.

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