Camtasia Studio 6 Review

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jun 5, 2012

TechSmith today introduced Camtasia Studio 6 almost an year after Camtasia Studio 5.

Some of the new features that I really enjoyed in Camtasia Studio 6 include that 3D Tilt Effect (see picture), HD quality video output, new hotkeys, YouTube support and more options for time-lapse animators.

3D Tilt effect makes your screencasts look more professional

Camtasia Studio 6 includes built-in preset for YouTube meaning you can produce your desktop screen videos in a format that is best suitable for uploading the video on to YouTube. There are new presets for mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, etc. as well.

The biggest enhancement in Camtasia 6 is the ability to produce HD quality videos (H.264 format) without bloating the file size. There’s a new HD preset that you may use for producing screencasts that will be watched on large screens.

The new Camtasia Video Preview window

If you are into Time Lapse animation, you’ll especially enjoy the new 0.1 second image transition limit that will help you squeeze more pictures in the same duration thus improving the time-lapse effect. (see Techmeme video)

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