Use Sleipnir Web Browser as Portable Internet Explorer

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 23, 2008

change-browserYou may have never heard of Sleipnir but it is one of the most popular web browser in Japan that is now also available in English.

The browser is extremely fast and supports the rendering engine of both IE & Firefox so you can change engines on the fly if you encounter a website that supports only one particular engine.

Here are some screenshots of Sleipnir:


Almost every feature in Sleipnir is customizable and the browser is therefore especially popular among geeks and advanced users who can fine-tune it according to their needs.

When you select some text on a web page, there’s a nice magnification lens that appears after a brief interval allowing you to do more things with that text selection.


IDG says that Sleipnir has a 9% share in the web browser market of Japan. I’ll probably not dump IE, Firefox or Opera for Sleipnir browser but it’s definitely a good attempt and worth keeping a watch.

And for mobile profession who like to carry their computer on a USB Drive, the portable edition of Sleipnir (download page) may just do the trick – it runs on the IE engine by default though you also have the option to use the Firefox Gecko engine.

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