Install Opera Mini Web Browser on your BlackBerry Mobile Phone

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 23, 2008

If you are on a BlackBerry but have trouble installing Opera Mini on your phone or if the browser fails to connect to the internet, here’s a simple workaround.

1. Open in your BlackBerry browser (not your desktop web browser) and select the version that mentions "No Signature" in brackets.

You’ll see download links that say Verisign / Thawte / Multiple Certificates – ignore them and download the unsigned version for your language. Here’s a direct link.

2. Next, open this help page in your desktop to determine the APN internet settings for your mobile service provider.

Open BlackBerry Settings -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP and type the APN value in the space provided. You may keep the user / password field blank if no value is specified on the Opera help site.

This excellent advice is courtesy Navjot Pawera – Thanks. Opera Mini does seem like a nice alternative to the built-in BlackBerry Internet browser.

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