Install Opera Mini Web Browser on your BlackBerry Mobile Phone

Do you have trouble installing Opera Mini on BlackBerry mobile phone. Or does the browser fail to connect to the Interner. See this workaround.

May 23, 2008

If you are on a BlackBerry but have trouble installing Opera Mini on your phone or if the browser fails to connect to the internet, here’s a simple workaround.

1. Open in your BlackBerry browser (not your desktop web browser) and select the version that mentions "No Signature" in brackets.

You’ll see download links that say Verisign / Thawte / Multiple Certificates – ignore them and download the unsigned version for your language. Here’s a direct link.

2. Next, open this help page in your desktop to determine the APN internet settings for your mobile service provider.

Open BlackBerry Settings -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP and type the APN value in the space provided. You may keep the user / password field blank if no value is specified on the Opera help site.

This excellent advice is courtesy Navjot Pawera – Thanks. Opera Mini does seem like a nice alternative to the built-in BlackBerry Internet browser.

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