Convert Videos or Edit Pictures Online With Link Shortcuts

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 15, 2007

Steve writes about some of his favorite Web 2.0 bookmarklets – my picks:

Amazon This – pops up a little window, enter a term and it will run your search through on Amazon

Convert Me – takes any YouTube video and converts it into another downloadable format using Zamzar.

Edit in Picnik – pushes a web page’s images into Picnik where you can edit and save it

I also prefer to use GMail This! and Blog This! (source code) for writing quick emails and blogging respectively.

"Installation of a bookmarklet" is performed by creating a new named bookmark in the toolbar, following the browser’s procedure, and pasting the code into the URL destination field. Alternatively, the bookmarklet can be accessed as a regular bookmark.

Document Studio

Generate beautiful and pixel-perfect documents in PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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Mail Merge

Send personalized emails from Gmail, include unique attachments, track opens and more.

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Save Emails

Download email messages and file attachments from Gmail to your Google Drive.

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