BackBlaze for Automatic Online Backup

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 12, 2010

BackBlaze offers one of the simplest tools to backup all your Windows and Mac machines to an offsite data center over the Internet. It can back up data continuously, or when the computer is idle, or you can set an hourly schedule.

Backup Status Panel

A: The Backblaze Control Panel will show you how many files are scheduled for backup and how many are left to backup. When you add or change files on your computer, the status will be updated to show that new files are scheduled for backup.

Exclude folders from Backup

B: The Backblaze service backs up all your data excluding your operating system, application files, or temporary internet files. Backblaze will also backup any USB or Firewire drives that were attached to the computer during installation.

Restore Files

C: You have three options to restore your files: web download, DVD, or you can request them to ship your backups on a USB hard drive. To restore files, visit the Backblaze site and select which files you wish to restore and how you would like them restored.

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