Annotate PDFs on iPad/iPhone with GoodReader

Want to annotate PDF documents on your iPhone or iPad? Now can you can with the awesome GoodReader app.

July 19, 2012
pdf annotations

GoodReader, which is rated among the best apps for reading PDFs and Office documents on your iPhone and iPad, just got a little more awesome.

You can now use GoodReader to annotate PDF documents which includes adding sticky notes, text highlighting, freehand drawing and more through simple gestures. The annotations are stored permanently in the PDF file so you can see them on your desktop based PDF readers as well.

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To add an annotation in a PDF document, just do a single tap in the region and hold your finger until the annotation toolbar appears (see the above screenshot). If you would like to edit an existing annotation, hold your finger over the annotation for a while and you’ll see an option to edit or delete it. It’s all quite intuitive.