One-Click File Sharing with Adobe Reader X

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Adobe Reader X, the new version of Adobe’s popular PDF reading program, sports a lean look, offers better protection against ‘bad’ PDFs and is tightly integrated with Adobe SendNow, an online file sharing service.

While you are reading a PDF document inside Adobe Reader X, you can send it to anyone using the built-in SendNow service without having to launch your email client. And though Reader X only supports PDF files, it still lets you share other non-supported file types like Office documents, images, etc. using SendNow.

Adobe Reader X also gets a Protected Mode which, in simple English, means that your computer is safer from PDF related exploits. Some ‘dangerous’ PDFs may include scripts that will try change to your computer’s file system or registry settings and new ‘Protected Mode’ should be able to contain this.

The other interesting change in Adobe Reader X is the lean UI – other than using larger buttons, they have rearranged the entire menu structure thus making it less intimidating for new users.

What is Protected Mode?

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Published in: adobe - PDF

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