Adobe Flash Catalyst Turns Photoshop Files into Interactive Content

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 31, 2009

flash-catalyst You have a team of designers and typographers at one end who can create brilliant artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator but have little idea about writing software. And then there’s a team of developers on the other side who are good at writing code but have no clue about design. Adobe Flash Catalyst bridges the gap between them.

Video demo of Adobe Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new product on Adobe Labs that lets designers convert native Photoshop or Illustrator files into interactive Flash (SWF) projects with "zero" coding.

This offers a much faster and efficient option for designers to communicate their ideas visually without having to rely on static screenshots. You may use the Flash Catalyst tool to create website mockups, user interfaces, design portfolios or even interactive Flash ads for the web.

adobe catalyst interface

The best part is that Flash Catalyst can output your project as an AIR or SWF file ready for publishing on the web or designers may pass on the generated Flash code to their developers for further development.

Ryan Stewart has a created a screencast video on show the workflow from importing a PSD file into Flash Catalyst and then onto Flash Builder while Tanya Heins has a tutorial on how to design user interfaces in Photoshop and then turn them into interactive SWF presentations without writing a single line of code.

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