Typeface Used in Creative Suite Icons Becomes Adobe's Corporate Font

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adobe clean font on splashscreen

Adobe Creative Suite - Splash Screens and Program Icons

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Adobe Clean is the name of the font that has been used in the splash screens and program icons of Adobe Creative Suite applications (CS3 & CS4). This Clean typeface (originally known as Gauge) has been designed by Robert Slimbach who also did the Garamond font family for Adobe.

Now if you were looking to include the gorgeous Adobe Clean typeface in one of your own design projects, here’s not so good news - Adobe has designated Clean as their exclusive corporate font and the entire font family won’t therefore be available for licensing to non-Adobe users.

Adobe currently uses the Myriad typeface but are now in the process of moving everything (including the UI of Flash based products like Adobe TV) to the new Adobe Clean Serif font as the old Myriad family (you may have seen it in Apple products) has become quite common.

Here’s some sample text written with Adobe Clean.

adobe gauge font

adobe clean typeface

Published in: Adobe Photoshop - Fonts - typography

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