Abbyy OCR for iPhone Applications

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 24, 2009

Abbyy Mobile OCR Engine SDK that provides tools for developers to create optical character recognition (OCR) applications for mobile or other compact devices now supports the Apple iPhone.

ABBYY’s OCR technology automatically transforms images of text and documents captured with a camera into editable and searchable text, eliminating the need to input information manually. For example, using a camera phone with an OCR application, business cards, clippings from magazines, books, receipts, ads and other documents can be captured and automatically converted into text, which may then be edited, stored or sent via email or SMS. It can also be used in other mobile and PC applications including notepads, calendars and so on.

Moreover, because the ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK supports many popular mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux, Google Android and now iPhone, developers will benefit from using the same OCR technology to create high quality applications for a variety of platforms and devices. This minimizes the developers’ dilemma to use SDKs from different providers for different platforms.

With ABBYY’s Mobile OCR Engine SDK, developers can create solutions ranging from simple business card reading applications that automatically store the contact information on the mobile phone’s address book, to more complex business tools which support integration with various enterprise solutions such as CRM or ECM.

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