A 3D Windows Desktop That Can Make You More Productive

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 8, 2009

What you see here are video demos of Bumptop, a unique 3D desktop for Windows that lets you arrange items on your computer screen just like the way you would organize stuff on a cluttered physical desk.

Anand Agarawala, the genius behind Bumptop, initially demoed this application at the TED conference and after two years of beta testing, he has released the final version in both free and paid editions.

I haven’t tried Bumptop yet because I rarely put things on my desktop (so there’s little need to organize stuff) but if the Bumptop demo has excited you, try any of these giveaways from CNET, RWW or Mashable to grab a pro version of Bumptop for free. Thanks RafeBen and Frederic.

While Bumptop would work just fine on a regular PC, it would be more fun to use if one had a touch-screen monitor like the HP TouchSmart PC or the Dell XT Tablet.

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