See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt, a Firefox Extension

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Tilt is an experimental add-on for Firefox that lets you see any web page in 3D. Download this xpi file to your desktop and then drag it to your Firefox window to complete the installation.

While you are on a web page, activate the 3D navigation controls by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M and then use your mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard to pan, zoom or rotate that page in any direction. If you rotate a page by 180 °, you can actually see how a web page might look from behind if it were printed on a transparent glass.

Tilt reads the HTML structure of a page and turns all the DIV layers, ULs and other tags into 3D stacks that add virtual depth to the page. The height of the individual stacks is determined based on their position in the DOM tree.

The source code for Tilt is available for download on github.

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Published in: 3d - Mozilla Firefox

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