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Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 29, 2012
SnagIt 10 Screenshot

If you are running a more recent version of Windows, you may have noticed that program windows, pop-up dialogs and error messages now have rounded edges and are partially transparent (Aero) so you can also easily see shades of the background through the glass-like borders.

For instance, if I were to capture a screenshot of the Notepad window above using the good old Print-Screen key, the built-in Windows snipping tool or an old version of SnagIt, the captured image will look something like this.

Translucent Capture

The pink shades in the Notepad window were really looking good when the whole background was visible but with the Flamingos now gone, you also don’t feel like having that color in the captured window.

There’s another problem with above screenshot though it’s not very evident at this resolution. If you notice the rounded corners carefully, they’re white (not transparent) so if I were to paste this screenshot on top of, say a black background, the corners will make it look pretty unattractive.

Transparency - SnagIt

Better Screen Capture with SnagIt 10

Now this is the another screenshot of the same desktop area captured with SnagIt 10, the latest version of SnagIt that released last week.

I used the default setting and, as you may have noticed, the window has perfectly rounded corners and the borders are no longer translucent – they just match the exact color of your Windows theme.

SnagIt 10 doesn’t have too many new features but it vastly improves upon the existing ones. For example, there’s for a brilliantly-thought out feature called “All In One” that alone makes this screen capture program a cut above the rest. You can use one hotkey to capture anything on the desktop be it a window, a scrolling web page or even a region.

Giveaway: 10 Licenses of SnagIt 10

A single user SnagIt 10 license costs $50 but some of you can have it for free.

To participate in the giveaway, simply open this Facebook post and leave a comment. If you win, I’ll send the serial number and the instructions via Facebook itself so you don’t have to share your email address anywhere.

Good luck!

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