How to Save Email Messages from Gmail in Google Drive Folders

The Save Emails add-on lets you download your Gmail emails and file attachments to any specific folder in  Google Drive. When setting up the download rule, click the “Select Drive Folder” button and the Google File Picker window will open. Select any folder in your Drive and the emails will automatically get saved inside this folder.


Download Gmail in Google Team Drive

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Organize Gmail Emails in Google Drive Folders

If you are saving a lot of emails and attachments, the parent folder in Google Drive may become cluttered and difficult to manage. The premium version of Save Emails add-on lets you organize saved emails in dynamic folders based on your email messages.

For instance, you could organize emails in date-based folders or you can choose to save emails from the same sender clubbed in the same folder and so on. You can also have all emails and attachments belonging to the same email message saved in a separate folder. Or emails with the same subject line can go in the same folder.


While setting up the rule, go to the Choose Destination Folder section and select the parent folder in Google Drive. Next, go to the Drive Sub Folder input field and specify the path of the dynamic subfolder where the files would go. You need to use the double backslash (\\) to specify a folder path.

For instance, if you wish to organize files in month folders, you can say {{Year}}\\\\{{Month}}. If you need to save emails from the same sender in a common folder, you can say {{Sender}} and a folder will be created inside the parent folder per sender.

Similarly, if you wish to save all emails of a particular thread in the same folder, you can say {{ThreadId}} or {{Subject}} {{ThreadId}}

Here is a list of all the variable name supported by Drive Subfolder path.


Description / Example


Email Message Id


Email Thread Id

Date (format can be customized)

Message Date (e.g., 26-Feb-2017)


26 (dd)


Wed (EEE)


Wednesday (EEEEE)


Week Number (ww)


Feb (MMM)


02 (MM)


February (MMMMM)


2017 (YYYY)


Sender’s Name (from the From field)


Recipients Name (from the To field)


Email Subject

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