Digital Inspiration in the News

Major news organizations around the world including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, BBC, Reuters, CNN IBN, The Straits Times, NDTV, ABC Radio Australia and more have quoted, interviewed or mentioned Digital Inspiration. Here are some of our media mentions and appearances grouped by media outlet.

Media Mentions and Appearances


  • Miller, Tessa “Lifehacker: How I Work Series” 22/01/14 [Link][F]


  • Wagstaff, Jeremy “Analysis: Facebook’s daunting Asian challenge” 02/02/12 [Link][Archive][Q]

The Sunday Guardian

  • Sharma, Shweta. “Teaching the tricks of blogosphere” 07/08/11 [Link] [Archive][F]

The Wall Street Journal

  • Chang, Arlene. “Is India Ready to Offer the iPhone 4” 20/07/10 [Link][Archive][Q]
  • Veach, Emily. “Blogging in India and Apple’s iPad” 14/04/10 [Link][Archive][F]


  • Venkat, Suresh. “Tech Toyz – Lawsuit Special” 16/05/11 [Link] [Video][Q]


  • Greenberg, Andy. “Google Scares The Search Crowd” 24/10/07 [Link][Q]

The Times of India (TOI)

  • Anand, Swati. “Fans in a tizzy over Jobs’ health” 18/02/11 [Link] [Archive][Q]
  • Raaj, Neelam. “Blogs @10 – Special Report” 12/09/07 [Link][Archive][F]

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

  • Agency. “Apple launches iPad in India” 28/01/11 [Link] [Archive][Q]

CNN IBN, CNN Money & CNN Travel

  • Wadhwani, Sita. “Google’s new channel for Bollywood blockbusters” 09/06/11 [Link] [Q]
  • Pokhriyal, Geetika. “Mindbloggling salaries are just a click away” 11/06/08 [Link][Video][F]
  • Wadhwani, Sita. “Reporting from the front lines of urban culture” 28/01/10 [Link] [Archive][F]
  • Thomas, Owen. “A new twist on Yahoo Click Fraud” 06/04/06 [Link][Q]

The Economic Times (ET)

  • Amarnath, Nupur. “How web entrepreneurs made money, thanks to Google” 18/09/11 [Link] [Archive][F]
  • Bhadra, Vinnie. “The Out-of-the-box Thinkers” 04/01/11 [Link] [Archive][F]
  • Menon, Nikhil. “Entrepreneurs make money from blogging” 09/04/09 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Shubhashish. “Cashing on Blogs” 11/03/08 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Cherian, Jacob. “How to blog your way to the bank” 17/09/06 [Link][F]

Outlook Magazine

  • Singh, Pragya. “8 Bloggers to Follow and Bookmark” 27/09/10 [Link] [Archive][F]
  • Pal, Anagh. “How To Make Money From Blogs” 06/11/07 [Archive][F]

The Hindu

  • Vyas, Priyanka. “Making a living through blogging” 31/07/07 [Link][Archive][Q]
  • Padmanabhan, Geeta. “Just Download a Gift” 14/12/11 [Link][Q]
  • Kumar, Divya. “Look, who’s on the prowl” 17/02/10 [Link] [Archive][Q]
  • Padmanabhan, Geeta. “Google Doodles” 04/05/11 [Link][Q]
  • Padmanabhan, Geeta. “Bloggers Mean Business” 13/09/06 [Link][Q]

India Today & Business Today

  • Mehta, Neha Tara. “Blogosphere has changed their lives” [Link][Archive][F]
  • Madhok, Diskha. “Chilling Out” 29/11/07 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Doley, Kunal. “Waiting for a bite of Apple’s new ‘magic’ after the iPhone” 28/01/10 [Link] [Archive][Q]
  • Mohanty, Debabrata. “Writing gives therapeutic aid to patients” [Link][Archive][Q]
  • Madhok, Diksha. “Bloggers are raking the moolah” 07/12/07 [Archive][F]
  • Doley, Kunal. “Blogging is serious business” 18/05/08 [Archive][F]
  • Gore, Sudhir. “The write way to earn” 17/05/07 [Link][F]


  • Kirpal, Neha. “Blogging buzzword among fresh grads” 11/12/07 [Link][Video][F]
  • Bhuchar, Prachi. “New profession: Making money through blogging” 15/09/06 [Video][F]
  • Harsh. “Blogging: Just a hobby or a full-time profession?
    ” 26/11/14 [Video][F]

The Hindustan Times & Live Mint

  • Taneja, Nikhil. “Just a Click Away” 13/08/08 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Raghav, Krish. “Tweet now, blog later” 14/08/09 [Link][Archive][Q]
  • Eluvangal, Sreejiraj. “Let a cellphone connect you to a total stranger” 18/06/07 [Link][Q]
  • Nevatia, Shreevatsa. “Bloggers have a long way to go” 20/10/06 [Link][Q]
  • Vadukut, Sidin. “That Blocking Game” 03/08/08 [Link][Q]
  • Jain, Ajay. “The 4Ps of Blog Marketing” 20/10/07 [Link][Q]

Business Standard

  • Raghav, Krish. “Blogging could even land you a job” 11/12/08 [Link][Archive][Q]
  • Hans, Pritam P. “Traffic picks up on blog street” 11/12/08 [Link][Q]


  • Manjoo, Farhad. “Bring on the Browser Wars!” 04/09/08 [Link][Q]

NPR – Talk of the Nation Show

  • Gura, David. “Drawing Obama and Clinton” 11/03/08 [Link][Q]

The Financial Times

  • “Cricinfo: what the bloggers say” 12/06/07 [Link][Q]

The Straits Times

  • Rekhi, Shefali. “Asia’s Brand-Name Bloggers” 24/05/08 [Archive][F]

The Deccan Herald

  • Karthik, Savitha. “Bloggers Inc” 25/04/08 [Archive][F]


  • Biswas, Soutik. “India bloggers angry at net ban” 19/07/06 [Link][Q]
  • BBC News. “Chrome extensions targeted by spam firms” 20/01/14 [Link][F]
  • BBC Arabic. “Tall Tweets” 16/05/14 [Link][F]

Wired Magazine

  • Carmody, Tim. “Gadget Lab: Cloud Printing” 01/10/10 [Link][F]
  • Chen, Brian X. “Volkswagen Plants Audio Ad in Print Newspaper” 21/09/10 [Link][Q]

The Telegraph

  • Verma, Varuna. “Podcasting, The Next Big Thing” 17/07/06 [Link][Q]
  • Koshy, Tessy. “The World of Mommy Blogs” 28/10/07 [Link][Q]

Official Google Blogs

  • YouTube India – “YouTube Success Story” 01/10/11 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Google China – “Full-Time Bloggers in India” [Translated] 06/05/09 [Link][F]
  • Google India – “AdSense Inspiration” 27/12/07 [Link][F]

And More..

  • Sharma, Shailaja for DNA – “At YouTube, Some Make Millions” 20/08/11 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Namazi, Nargis for Business Review – “Top Indian Bloggers” 14/02/12 [Link][Archive][F]
  • Mukerji, Soumya for Mid Day. “Blogging honchos who made it real big” 23/06/08 [Link] [Archive][F]
  • Sin Chew Jit Poh – “Asia’s Blog Stars” 20/06/08 [Archive][F]
  • Tippu, Sufia for iTWire Australia – “Blogging is the way to go” 11/09/06 [Link][F]
  • Vij, Shivam for Tehelka – “Blog Baron of Agra” 05/05/07 [Link][F]
  • Times Now TV – ”Bitten by the Cyber Bug” 29/06/08 [Video][F]
  • NewsX TV – “Steve’s Second Appearance” 29/01/10 [Archive][Q]
  • Verma, Jyoti for The Financial Express – “A Physics Lecture to Attend” 23/12/07 [Link][Q]
  • Sakshi News [Telugu] – 25/03/12 [Link][F]
  • Herald Goa – “The Business of Blogging” – 02/11/14 [Link][F]

Q=Quoted, F=Featured

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