YouTube Offers a Choice – Watch One Long Ad or Multiple Short Ads

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 17, 2012

YouTube offers advertisers an option to display video ads (they call them Instream Ads) in the beginning of a video (pre-roll), after the video (post-roll) or even during the video (mid-roll). The longer videos, like the full-length movies on YouTube, can have multiple instream ads embedded in one video.

YouTube Commercial Breaks

YouTube is also testing a slightly different style of advertising where the viewer has the option to choose the type of invideo advertising.

The viewer can either opt for one long commercial (pre-roll) and watch the entire video uninterrupted or he can opt for multiple short commercials that will pop-up at different times in the video (mid-roll). Here’s a quick video demo.

Also, if you opt for a single long commercial break, you still get the skip option but only after you have watched the first two minutes of the commercial.

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