YouTube’s IPL Show Fails to Live up to the Hype

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012

Have been trying to watch the IPL telecast on YouTube for some time and all I get is this “blue screen” saying they are “experiencing technical difficulties.”

The video stream does appear intermittently but its extremely slow and flaky. The audio from the telecast has a very low volume and feels completely out-of-sync with video. The video quality of the live webcast isn’t any great either.

On the plus side, the YouTube video player for the live-stream is beautiful – you can switch camera angles on-demand and there’s PIP (picture in picture) so you can watch two videos from different cameras simultaneously.

That said, there’s little reason to cheer about IPL’s live telecast on YouTube.

If you don’t have cable in your home, watching IPL on YouTube probably makes sense – because you’ve no other option – but everyone else may please turn on their television sets. You may of course come later for watching the match highlights on YouTube.

YouTube Video Quality

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