Use Yahoo! for 7 Days to Win Free Coffee for a Year

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 30, 2011
yahoo mail

Yahoo! was the most visited website on the Internet a few years ago but they’ve slipped to the third place courtesy Facebook and Google. Almost everyone has an email account with Yahoo! Mail but many don’t use it as their primary email address anymore.

Thus, in a possible bid to entice old users to check the various properties again, Yahoo! has launched a unique promotion in the U.S. where you may win a year of coffee if you are willing to sign-in to your Yahoo! account for seven consecutive days.

For every 7 consecutive days you sign-in to the Yahoo! homepage, Yahoo! Mail, or Yahoo! Mobile we’ll give you one entry to win a year of premium coffee.

To participate, all you need a valid Yahoo! email address and you should be a U.S. citizen. You can even snail mail your entries to Yahoo as mentioned in the rules book.

The big question is – will an year of free coffee be enough to pull you back to Yahoo?

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