Web Clipping Services Working Hard to Win Google Notebook Users

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 20, 2009

Competing web clipping services like EverNote, Zoho Notebook, UberNote and Diigo are working extra hard to win over Google Notebook users who may be searching for new homes for their data as Google is discontinuing Notebook.

Let’s see what each of these companies have done in the past week to impress the possibly-frustrated group of Google Notebook users:

EverNote: The Evernote team wrote on Twitter that they are developing a Google Notebook importer that will probably make it easy for Notebook users to transfer their clips from Google to EverNote.


EverNote is also using the Google AdSense network to attract people – they can’t use the term "Google Notebook" for copyright reasons so their Google ads say "GNotebook shutting down, Try EverNote".

Zoho Notebook: Like EverNote, Zoho too is buying search traffic on Google for keywords like "Google Notebook".

And it may be a pure coincidence but Zoho announced tons of new enhancements to their Notebook product on the same day when Google decided to stop development of their own Notebook.

Update: Check the new Zoho Notebook Importer to move your Google Notes to Zoho in a click.

UberNote: This service too announced on Twitter that they are working on a Google Notebook importer and completed the development of the importer tool the same day itself while EverNote is still working on it.

Diigo – Social bookmarking service Diigo is a bit like delicious but they are also trying hard to convince Google Notebook users to make the switch by highlighting similarities between Google Notebook and lists in Diigo. Like EverNote and UberNote, Diigo too is creating a Google Notebook importer to help you move web clips to Diigo with a few clicks.

Competition is always good for consumers.

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