Websites Popular Among the Rich and Affluent Americans

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 19, 2012

hitwise When asked Bill Tancer of Hitwise to name some websites that the rich ‘upper class’ of America likes to visit, he shared some very interesting data.

Bill says that last year, during this period, this group of people was largely flocking to financial and brokerage related sites like Etrade, Charles Schwab and Fidelity.

However there has been a considerable shift in the online behavior of rich Americans due to the ongoing crisis at Wall Street and this $150,000+ income group now prefers surfing celebrity gossip sites more than finance websites.

He especially named as the one leading the pack saying that Perez Hilton might now be a good place for some brokerage firms to advertise.

Another interesting detail is that the largest segment of visitors that are flocking to sites like Slick Deals (coupon codes), Shopzilla (online comparison shopping) and (coupons and rebates) are the affluent American customers looking to get the best price.

Bill also noted that rich Americans are not visiting sites like MSN and The Drudge Report as much as they used to do last year.

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