Web-based Instant Messaging through Meebo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 15, 2012

Instant messaging software like Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger or the Windows Live Messenger are now a ubiquitous part of our online life.

They keep running in the back ground and help us connect with friends, family and colleagues in any corner of the world though text chat, voice and even video. There is however a common problem faced by most IM users – some of our buddies may be on GTalk, while some may prefer to use Yahoo! Messenger or MSN messenger.

So how do you keep in touch with all these friends who are using different IM software? The answer is Meebo, a web based instant messenger that requires no installation and runs inside your web browser.

Here’s how Meebo works – you open the Meebo.com website, type the screenname/password of your various IM accounts and Meebo will give you single point access to all these services. No matter what IM software your friends are using, you can always chat with them via Meebo.

Since Meebo is entirely web based, it is more secure and also saves you from the hassle of installing multiple software on your PC. Users who have an old PC, that starts to crawl as you open multiple applications, will particularly love Meebo since it has a very small memory footprint.

Another advantage – if desktop IM software are blocked at your workplaces (under the pretext of reduced employee productivity), you can just use the webbased Meebo to text chat with friends easily.

If you have blog or a website, you can use the “meebo me” chat widget to chat with visitors who visit your website. They will just have to type the message and it will blink in your web browser.

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