Visualize Internet Traffic in Real Time with Akamai Charts

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 23, 2008

Akamai, a company that handles anywhere between 10-20% of all the web traffic, offers some interesting real-time charts to help you visualize traffic on the Internet in real time.

Geographic regions with the most Web traffic – Akamai

For instance, this chart highlights geographic regions on a world map that are currently receiving the highest amount of traffic. You also get to know about cities / countries that are getting hammered with malicious web traffic.

Another very interesting chart is this News Index that details the news consumption pattern over a period of time. Web traffic on news sites is more or less constant across the entire day except between 11 PM and 8 AM.

Visitors per minute on popular news websites

And finally, here’s a consolidated chart showing the total number of visitors who are online at any given point of time. This may be a good indicator of the overall traffic pattern since Akamai claims to handle 20% of all the web traffic.

Visitors per minute across Internet delivered by Akamai

Akamai also publishes a quarterly State of The Internet report that details all the network outages and web site hijacks that had an impact on users. The report is available for download as a PDF. Thanks Pratham.

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