CNN Holograms – Behind the Scenes Video

Written by Amit Agarwal on May 11, 2011

While rival news networks are trying hard to make us believe that CNN holograms were actually tomograms, CNN news anchors continue to refer to their election-night 3D stunt as a hologram.

Here’s how the CNN hologram image was done and beamed live from Chicago to New York.

1. This is a temporary CNN tent erected in Chicago where the "hologram" news reporters were stationed and talking live to their counterparts in New York.

CNN hologram tent

2. This is the inside look of the CNN hologram tent. This is a round green-screen room with 35 high-def video cameras surrounding the news reporter who’s standing in the middle.

circular hologram room

3. The cameras in the green room "talk" to the New York studio’s cameras, meaning that when a New York camera moves, it "tells" the cameras in the tent which direction it’s moving and keeps the subject in the correct proportions.

green screen

4. And there you have it. The inset image shows the real view in Chicago though we saw something totally different on our TV screens.

hologram view

In case you noticed some blue glowing edges around the hologram image, they were added intentionally to avoid confusion.

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