New YouTube Player To Stream Better Quality Videos

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 15, 2007

youtube high quality video The one big reason why I prefer over YouTube is that the former preserves the quality of the original video. On the other hand, YouTube automatically resizes the video clips (to 320×240) and also reduces the quality during the encoding process.

But here’s some interesting news for content producers as well as YouTube viewers – when a video is upload onto YouTube servers, it is encoded into low-res Flash video but at the same time, YouTube also stores the original video clip in its native resolution.

YouTube is now testing a new video player that detects your internet connection speed and stream higher quality video if your prefer so. According to Webware, high-quality YouTube video clips will be available to everyone within three months.

Considering that all popular TV show episodes, movie trailers and music videos are already present on YouTube, this move from Google could bring delight to millions who have replaced their TV sets with the YouTube player.

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