See the new Video Homepage for Bing

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 23, 2011

If you love the beautiful wallpaper images that adorn the Bing homepage, see what they have in store for you today – a video background.

A Video Homepage for Bing

Go to and choose the United States (English) edition. Save your preferences and you should see a video of the Grand Teton Nation Park on the Bing homepage.

The size of this 13-second long video file, that Bing is using on the homepage, is about 1.9 MB (link) so it may take a while to load on some computers.

Bing is using the standard <video> tag of HTML5 to render the video and thus the clip should play just fine in any modern browser including IE and Safari.

&lt;video width="956" height="512"autobuffer="true" loop="true"

I was looking at the HTML source code and it contains the same video clip in at least three different formats – webm, mp4 and ogg. It picks the right format based on which browser you are using to view the Bing homepage.

Stephanie Horstmanshof of the Bing team says that, going forward, they may also showcase videos of special events (maybe a solar eclipse) on the homepage. The criteria for picking a video for the background is the same as that of images – it should be beautiful, high-quality and intriguing.

Evolution of the Bing Homepage

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