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Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 4, 2009

If you need to know the market share or current trends about the usage of Web Browsers, Operating Systems, Search Engines and Mobile Internet across different regions of the world, check out this global stats tool created by Statcounter.

Statcounter, a web analytics company that records visitor statistics for a few million websites (including this one), tracks almost 4 billion page views per month and can therefore paint a pretty accurate picture of trends on the Internet.

The tool tracks both desktop based web browser as well as mobile browsers. Safari on iPhone and iPod Touch continue to lead the mobile browser market in North America followed by BlackBerry.

Mobile Browser Usage in North America


Mobile Browser Usage in Asia

The situation is however very different in Asia where Nokia and Opera compete for the top spot while iPhone usage is at the same level as Sony Ericsson.


Coming back, all the usage reports in are updated five times per day so you can create almost real-time charts from the Statcounter tool. The data goes back to June 2008 and you may filter by country to spot localized trends.

Unlike other web research tools from Netcraft or Alexa, StatCounter as a company is pretty open with their data, allowing you to download graphs as images, or you can access raw CSV data to manipulate in Excel or directly embed the graphs in your blog.

And here are a few more charts about Web Browsers and OS usage acoss the world.

statcounter-browser statcounter-os

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