Turn your RSS Feed into a Web Slice for Internet Explorer 8

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 24, 2009

My previous tutorial on writing a web slice for IE8 was a bit technical and limited to WordPress sites only.

If you have a blog hosted on another platform (like Blogger, TypePad, etc,) and would still like to offer an IE 8 Web Slice to your site readers, here’s something for you that takes less than a minute and requires absolute no technical knowledge.

IE8 Web Slices made from Web RSS Feeds

rss feed web slice

This is a screenshot of my new web slice (use IE 8 to subscribe) that contains a list of all recent blog posts published on Digital Inspiration along with relevant thumbnail images.

If you like to have something similar for your own website, go to the LiveSlices gallery (make sure you are inside Internet Explorer 8) and click install next to the Feed Slice option.

You may skip the sign-up process and direct enter the URL of your web feed (or any other feed that you want to follow inside IE8). Once the feed is verified, you are just a click away from adding that web slice to your IE favorites bar.


The gallery has other readymade web slices as well including that for Twitter, Flickr, CNN news and even your Gmail inbox.

Now while this is an extremely easy option for making web slices, the only downside is that you have absolutely no control over the generated web slice – you won’t know how many people are subscribed to your web slice, there’s no favicon image and you also can’t change the layout of the web slice.

If that’s an issue for you, my previous tutorial could be a good place to start with.

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