Yahoo! News – Try their New Design

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 8, 2008

Yahoo News Logo Yahoo! is working on a new layout of their Yahoo! News portal that is easier on the eyes and also packs more content per page including a new section on "most blogged stories".

Here’s a screenshot of the new vs old version of Yahoo! News.

 New Yahoo News    Old Yahoo News Page

There’re no major changes except that they switched to a slightly wider format and you’ve more thing to explore than before.

If you like to try this new design, open any Yahoo! News page in your browser and replace ‘s’ in the URL with the word ‘story’. For instance:

Old version:

New version:

There’s a new "Most Blogged" stories section that also shows a list of blogs who have linked to that story. This is powered by Buzz Tracker which was acquired by Yahoo! sometime back.


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