AdSense Click Tracking Data in Google Analytics Is Coming Soon

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 2, 2009

adsense analytics reports If you are using Google AdSense on your website, here’s some very good news.

You will soon be able to track visitor clicks on your AdSense ads using Google Analytics reports.

These new reports in Analytics have enough details to help you exactly measure AdSense performance on every single page of your website.

Google dropped hints on AdSense – Analytics integration some two years but the program has finally entered the beta phase as revealed by a post on GoogleCache (offline now).

adsense click data

Luckily the story remained in FeedDemon’s cache and picking from there, following is a summary of AdSense related data that you’ll be able to track via Google Analytics:

1. The number of times AdSense ads were clicked on any given web page.

adsense-reports2. AdSense revenue generated per page for clicks mentioned in #1.

3. You’ll also know the CTR and CPM for all web pages – no need to create individual URL channels in your AdSense dashboard.

4. "Top AdSense Referrers" – this is the most interesting report as it helps you know about revenue made per referring websites.

Let’s take an example. Assume two sites – and – have linked to a page on your website and are sending some referral traffic. Now Analytics will tell you exactly how much AdSense revenue you are making through traffic from each of these sites.

This report has enormous potential as it lends a "measurable" value to each incoming link. Some sites could even use this as a replacement for affiliate programs.

All the above information is based on screenshots that were shared by Google Cache but that story is no longer available on the web.

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