Find the Top Social Sharing Sites of any Country with AddThis

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 22, 2009

You know that Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are among the most popular destinations for sharing and bookmarking content on the web but these are mostly global stats and may not always reflect the actual social bookmarking scene of a particular country.

For instance, more people in India prefer using Google Bookmarks for saving shortcuts to their favorite web pages but the scene is a bit different in US where sharing links over Twitter or MySpace is a more popular activity that social bookmarking.

Chart A: Compare which services are popular between any two countries

compare services usage

Chart B: Countries where <service name> is most used:

social bookmarking stats

AddThis, which offers social sharing widgets for websites and blogs, today released a comprehensive services directory that not only lists all the existing sharing and bookmarking sites in one page but you can also compare which services are most popular between two countries, or overall across the globe.

You can further click the name of any service to learn about countries where that service is most popular and their market-share.

This country-level data from AddThis will be quite handy for sites who aren’t sure which social services to include in their sharing widgets. Now they just have to check their Google Analytics reports to find the top countries that are sending them visitors and then include services that are popular in those geographic regions.

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