Google Gears Enabled Sites That Work Even When You Go Offline

Written by Amit Agarwal on Dec 6, 2007

google-gears-logo Google Gears, a free add-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer, lets you continue working with certain websites even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Though Google Gears was launched in May 2007, we have seen only a handful of web applications that can work offline with Google Gears. Even some very popular Google products like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs stop working once you unplug your Internet cable.

Now if you are about to embark on a long airplane or train journey without any Wi-Fi, here are some good Google Gears compatible web apps that will continue to work as before:

download googl reader 1. Google Reader [RSS Feeds]- When you go offline, Google Reader will download all new items from your subscribed RSS feeds though it will skip the images.

Every article that you read offline will be marked as read, and any tags you’ve applied will also be saved when you go back online.

remember milk offline 2. Remember The Milk [TODO Lists] – Our favorite task management application can work offline without any limitations. You can add new tasks or edit existing tasks (change priority, tags, date, status) and all changes will be synchronized when you come back online.

offline-mind-maps 3. MindMeinster [Mind Mapping] – You can create new mind maps (or edit existing ones) with this web based mind mapping application even while staying disconnected from the internet. You need a pro or trial account to the use the Google Gears feature of MindMeinster.

4. Passpack [Password Manager] – Passpack helps you store and manage login-passwords and other keys. All the data is stored online but with Google Gears, you can still access your secret codes without Internet.

5. Zoho Writer [Word Processor] – Zoho is the first among all web office suites to add offline features in their online word processor. You can access documents stored inside your Zoho account and edit them offline inside the web browser.

6. Google Calendar – Though the offline version of Google Calendar is not live yet, it is coming for sure. Just open the Google Calendar website and type javascript:_olp_showPromo(); in the browser address bar – you will be prompted to install Google Gears. Thanks Haochi.

google calendar offline

The world still needs a good image editing application that can work with Google Gears.

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