View Summary of Amazon Product Reviews Without Installing Pluribo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 10, 2008

amazon-reviews is a perfect place to read product reviews from real customers. If a product is popular and has too many reviews (like an iPod or a digital camera), you can use Pluribo to instantly summarize all these customers reviews into one short paragraph.

While Pluribo makes it easy for you to scan reviews, the only problem is that it is available only for Firefox and also requires installation before you can try it out.

Now if you are on a different browser or like to read instant summaries generated by Pluribo without actually installing the product, here’s a simple workaround:

amazon-asin Step 1: Open the relevant product page on Amazon and copy the ASIN that is mentioned under "Product Details".

For instance, the ASIN of iPod Touch 32GB model on is B0012JNQYK.

Step 2: Copy-paste the ASIN in the box and click Submit. Please note that Pluribo summaries are currently available only for Electronics and Gadgets.

You may try the following numbers – B000V5QV4S (for Canon EOS 40D), B000JLKIHA (for iPod Classic) or B001BTCSI6 (for Nikon D700).


Internally, this will take you a page on Pluribo that pre-stores the summary of all product review for any given product. The URL of the page is something like this – just replace xxx with the ASIN code.

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