Create Short URLs for Google Maps Links

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jan 18, 2009

google maps shortcutGoogle Maps URLs are pretty unwieldy especially when sending over an IM, tweet or email. provides you a quick way to link to Google Maps by simply specifying the address of the location as a search parameter.<address>

So, for instance, the Google Maps link for the Taj Mahal is

If you need directions between two locations, then specify the two addresses separated by a slash. So, to get from the Taj Mahal to Gateway of India, the Google Maps link is<from>/<to>

While uses Google Maps as the default mapping option, you can also opt to use other mapping options – Multimap (mm), Yahoo Maps (y), Open Street Map (osm), Tiny Geocoder (t), by adding the map service code before the address.<code>/<address>

Also see: Create Short URLs for Google Search

Note that unlike other short URL services, URLs give you some idea about the shortened URL. [via]

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