Run Your Own Geek Squad Style Tech-Support Business from Home

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 21, 2010

computer-help-online Are you an expert in Microsoft Excel ? Do you know how to remove spyware from a PC ? Can you configure Gmail in Outlook ? If you are an expert in solving computer and software related problems, here’s an opportunity to turn your hobby into a real business something like Geek Squad.

The difference is that while Geek Squad “agents” physically visit the client’s place to offer computer related services, you can provide tech support over the Internet to even overseas clients from the convenience of your home.

tech-support-ratecard That’s all possible through CrossLoop, a Windows based screen sharing software that helps you connect to any other computer via the web.

CrossLoop today introduced an online “Help Marketplace” which is like a directory of techies and software experts like you who are willing to help others for a fee – the rates are determined by you and CrossLoop keeps some share.

technician-profileThink of CrossLoop as an eLance for finding tech support professionals over the Internet.

Other than the expertise, your profile has ratings given by actual customers so that makes it really easy for clients to shortlist the right person.

Best of all, customers can limit their search for technicians to a city so if the problem cannot be solved over the internet (like a hard disk crash or system not booting), he or she can pay a visit just like the Geek Squad agent though the price here will be much less.

Mac users will be disappointed again because CrossLoop client is only available for Windows.

You have other alternative like Ether or Skype Prime though these services only let you charge clients for the time you spent on the phone, you still need a screen sharing app (like Yuuguu) for connecting to the client’s computer.

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