A Flash PDF Viewer for Reading PDF Files without Acrobat

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 13, 2008

Adobe PDF is one of the most popular formats for exchanging documents on the web. PDF files look the same on every computer, are print ready and cannot be tampered with – that’s the reason why most Instruction manuals, ebooks, invoices, etc are distributed as PDFs.

To view PDF files on your computer, you need Adobe Reader software that’s absolutely free and is available for almost all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

But there’s a small problem – the PDF file must be on your local hard drive for Adobe Reader to open it. You cannot open an online PDF file inside Adobe Reader without downloading it locally.

Convert PDF Files to SWF Flash Movies

There’s however a very elegant solution to this problem called PDFMeNot– an online service that lets you read PDF files inside the browser without Adobe Reader.

With PDFMeNot, you can view any online PDF file in the browser without having to download that file locally.  The service is also handy if you don’t have Adobe Reader on the computer – just upload your PDF to PDFMeNot and read it in the browser.

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