Read Articles From Your Favorite Websites in River of News Format

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 13, 2008
river of news view

Planetaki is a new service that helps you read articles from different websites at one place in a format similar to river of news. This is a completely different concept from regular RSS readers like Bloglines or Google Reader.

Here all the articles are displayed with a short summary on one page and sorted in reverse chronological order so you can very quickly scan through all pending news items.

The "River of News" view is extremely useful when you are reading news on the move (like a mobile phone) or have to deal with RSS overload – just create a news river using couple of your favourite sites and ignore everything else.

Here’s a sample news river created using BBC, New York Times and labnol – reading becomes more convenient when you have few articles and they are all one page.

Planetaki also lets you can save links for reading the corresponding story later. | Plantaki FAQ | Thanks Emily

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